The Lunenburg Makery is a place for learning, making and gathering around craft. We are a multi-purpose craft space including sewing facilities, a library and reading area, a retail space and studios. We offer workshops and courses as well as drop-in projects, sew-by-the-hour, evening craft circles, and studio space.

We draw on a rich community of Makers for our instructor base and work with a small group of creative and passionate staff to keep things going on a day-to-day basis. Meet some of the people who make up the Makery community below.

The Makers

Rita Van Tassel

As a third generation craftsperson Rita was raised to appreciate the true value of handcrafted. All through school she always found a way to translate an assignment into a visual presentation, so NSCAD seemed the next logical step. After earning a BFA Rita began working with several non-profit organizations who supported at-risk youth and helped develop art programming. This led to working with the AGNS and then to teaching in public schools in Halifax.

As manager at The Makery Rita can now combine her experiences in craft,art and education with a newly acquired (and somewhat dangerous) fascination with garment construction. Perhaps we'll see a clothing line extend from her established line of statement accessories? See her personal work at

Kat Frick Miller

Kat is a maker of all sorts. A self taught sewer, knitter and needle-felter, Kat always has two or three projects on the go. She brings with her knowledge and experience from an interdisciplinary degree in the arts from NSCAD University. When she's not designing crafts kits and running workshops she's working as an artist and illustrator in her Burns Block studio or roaming Lunenburg County instagramming woodpiles.

You can visit Kat's website at

Micheline Courtemanche

Micheline grew up in a household that valued hard work, craftsmanship, design and, above all else, an appreciation for working with your hands. She was in love with sewing from that first Christmas craft when she had to sew two pieces of felt together. As a teenager, she loved to loiter at fabric stores, take in healthy doses of Fashion Television and make clothes for herself. While she continued to sew in the background she took a detour, went to college and became a practising graphic designer for over 15 years.

She has since come back to sewing and loves being in the Altered Studio. She revels in the fact that each project coming into the shop is unique and requires her to apply all the different skills she has acquired over the years.

Leslie Wright and Brian Arnott jointly created and developed The Makery in the spring of 2012. On an ongoing basis, Leslie and Brian jointly manage The Makery's parent company, The Buzz Holdings Inc, and Leslie continues as the point of contact for the store manager.

Leslie comes with a long managerial history in community social and economic development including having led both social service and community development agencies.

Brian comes to Luvly with a long history of facility development both in the public and private sectors. As a specialist consultant, he has been a member of many architectural design teams on large projects and has purchased and improved dozens of residential and small commercial properties.


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