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Burrowing Owl Needle Felting DIY Kit

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Burrowing Owls visit the Canadian Praries in the summer months and migrate to Mexico and the Southern United States in the winter. They make their nests in burrows in the ground in open fields and grasslands. Burrowing Owls are endangered in Canada and land owners are now encouraged to change agricultural practices to protect the owls and encourage population growth.

Our boxed kit contains everything you need to learn how to make a Burrowing Owl of your own.  We've included the following:

• Step-by-step illustrated instructions
• Ruler and foot pattern
• 100% natural sheep's wool roving

• Three felting needles
• Pre-cut wire

(We recommend working on a foam block or sponge)

Whether you're an absolute (but confident) beginner or someone who has a few felting projects under their belt this owl will be a delight to make!

Finished Size: approx. 10cm (5")

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