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I love this photo. It is pure happiness. It is everything that a wedding photo should be. Liz and Nick got married on New Year's Eve. It seems incredibly romantic to start your married life on the very first day of the new year.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Liz to create her wedding skirt. She came to me with some ideas and some photographic inspiration. Her ideal dress was made with an Orenburg lace overlay. Orenburg lace is a traditional form of Russian lacework. The dress was stunningly simple, elegant and perfect for the occasion. Liz managed to find Galina, a woman living in Colorado, who hand-knits the most exquisite Orenburg lace panels out of 100% handspun cashmere. The effect is light, airy, sophisticated and so luxurious. The fibres of the cashmere give the lace a bit of a halo. The resulting garment is perfect for a winter wedding.

The lace is the star of this piece so to keep all of the attention focused there we decided on a very simple, ankle-length, A-line shape for the underskirt and the lining. We were lucky to be able use a 36" square panel of lace for the overlay without making any adjustments to it. We just left the back seam open to allow for movement. The underskirt, silk crepe de chine, and the lining, silk satin, were all sewn on the machine. After attaching the lace between those two layers the finishing work was all done by hand. I really enjoy doing handwork but knowing it was for a wedding made it an extra special experience.

Working on this skirt with Liz was such a privilege and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I'm wishing Liz and Nick many years of joy and happiness,

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  • Absolutely gorgeous! Really stunning, Micheline.


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