Sewing Notions

Leslie Wright

We, at the Makery, love a good pun. It only seems fitting (See what I did there?) that our new blog series should be called Sewing Notions. It's a series that will cover a lot of basic information about sewing as well as some tips, some tricks and, yes, even some actual sewing notions.

When we teach classes on sewing it can be hard to cover all of the basics and still get down to the business of sewing. We wanted to put all of this information down in one place where you could access it easily before coming to a class. That's how this series came to be. We have a wonderful lineup of sewing classes planned for the spring and we wanted to make sure that any information you might need is here on the blog, that it's easy to find (all of these posts will be tagged as "Sewing Notions") and comprehensive enough to help you feel prepared before even coming to the class.

We will start by covering things like how to read a pattern and a pattern envelope, knit fabrics vs. woven fabrics, how to cut your pattern out, etc. Once all the basics are covered we'll start to include techniques that we find useful or hope to be inspiring, we'll share some of the tools we like to use and why and for good measure we'll throw in some of our thoughts on sewing and why we still love it. We will continue to add to Sewing Notions all of the time. With each new addition we will be working to build an excellent resource for sewists of all levels.

Whether you're entertaining the idea of sewing for the first time or you just want a quick refresher you should check back here often. The next few weeks are going to be busy on the blog and there's sure to be something for everyone.

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