Makery Staff Makes - Rita's 2014 Projects

Leslie Wright

Us ladies at the Makery are an industrious type with lives full of making in our off-makery hours.  We are lucky enough to make some of our favourite projects at work, but often we take that inspiration home.

We're compiling a few of our favourite staff makes of the year.  Some you may recognize as variations from workshops while other ideas may be making their way into the Makery line up in the near future.  

Having only joined the Makery in May, Rita was not short on inspiration this year, churning out one great sew after another.

We're all in love with this skirt of Rita's.  She drafted the custom pattern after exploring a few different construction details from vintage sewing patterns.  This skirt looks like it has a lot of weight and bulk but the waxed print cotton is so light and airy it's like wearing a cloud.  

I think it was Rita's 2014 goal to cozy everything she could.  She started the fall teaching a quick fabric bucket course designed to snug chilly house plants adjusting to the colder season.  Come the holidays, Rita stitched up enough potted aloe fabric snugs for every member of the Makery family.  Her favourite African waxed print cotton is the perfect match for this simple sew adding a stunning bit of colour to our homes.

Not far from the snuggly plant-cozy is the newly discovered bento bag.  The Makery was full of bento bag variations this holiday season.  Rita sewed a lovely selection of lined bags to bundle up her gifts in using our Cotton and Steel fabrics.  Sadly she dispatched them in the mail too quickly to grab photos.  Hers were patterned and beautifully crafted, you'll just have to take our word for it.  We're loving these bags so much we're offering a workshop on January 8th to spread the love. Check it out.

Stay tuned to see our other favourite projects next week.

Keep stitching!


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