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Leslie Wright


With the arrival of Cotton + Steel fabrics to the Makery, I quickly jumped in whipping up not one, but two Wiksten tank dresses in a week.  This continues to be a favourite pattern of mine as it is a quick, easy and satisfying sew I can complete in an afternoon.  

I used a contrasting solid cotton for the bias facing which allowed me to cut down on the required main fabric to 1.5 metres for the dress as opposed to the 2.75 metres the pattern called for.  Even though these dresses are both navy, the xo and arrow patterns give them each a very different feel so I don't feel like I'm wearing the same outfit all time.

I made a few alterations to the pattern, raising the front neckline an inch and lengthening the skirt by two inches so I could wear it belted without it being too short.  The shirt tail hem is a little finicky at first but I wouldn't change it as it is a lovely detail on this simple dress.  

I got into the holidays very early this year and started this wire-frame Père Noël in October.  After putting together our new needle felting kit I was on a felting kick for a good while.  I felted his body and face over a bosic wire frame and constructed his festive suit with our wool felt.  

I loved adding the scandinavian inspired embroidered details and collar.  Knowing that I will pull this guy out every year made it worth while to spend time on the little details.  I quickly whipped up an evergreen tree to keep him company and I imagine I'll add more pieces for next year.

That's all for our 2014 staff projects.  We're making the most of 2015 already so keep an eye out for more projects soon.

Keep stitching,


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