Kat's Poppy Quilt

Leslie Wright

Every year we try to do something special in honour of Remembrance Day for our window.  For the past few years we've played with felt poppies and wreaths so this year we decided to try something completely different, a quilt panel. 

It has been a little while (three years?) since I tackled a quilting project.  It requires me to access the part of my brain that can figure out math equations and pay attention to grainlines.  Needless to say, it doesn't happen often.

I sketched out a few ideas, taking some inspiration from the British Poppy pin, but in the end I decided a traditional look was probably best and I chose this classic pattern called the Frying Pan Poppy.  

As I didn't have a physical pattern to follow I pulled out the graph paper to break up the design into pieces.


My strip widths were 2.5" and 4.5" leaving 1/4" for seam allowance around all edges.  Once into a project, I just love the practice of quilting, rotating in rounds of cutting, sewing and ironing open seams like clockwork.  

I left the binding open along one edge to allow for a hanging dowel to slip in.  Now our quilt will hang proudly in our window until November 12th.  Stay posted for when I share a few more of the tricks I used along the way.

Happy stitching!



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