Needle Felted Piping Plover
Mon August 7, 6-9pm


Did you know that the Piping Plover is a Canadian endangered species? These tiny birds fly up to nest and lay eggs along the shores of our Eastern and Atlantic provinces. Plovers' "nests" are built out of a small pile of beach stones and their eggs camouflage perfectly with their surroundings. Unfortunately this also means that because they are so difficult to see they are highly susceptible to getting crushed by humans, dogs and all-terrain vehicles. Watch for signs on your local beaches warning that birds are nesting and try to walk closer to the water line.

This is a Beginner level class and no previous needle felting experience is required. We'll build a simple wire armature for the legs and learn tips for shaping and adding specific details.
All materials will be provided.
Can't make it to the workshop? Purchase our boxed Plover kit here:
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