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There are so many reasons why you might not be able to make it to one of our scheduled workshops - you live too far away to come in the evening, are only in town for a small window of time, want to participate with some of your friends and/or co-workers, and so on. We completely understand, which is why we offer Make It Happen!

Moon Snail (Absolute Beginner), Piping Plover (Confident Beginner), Owl (Confident Beginner), Narwhal Whale (Confident Beginner), Shropshire Sheep (Confident Beginner), Dachshund (Confident Beginner), Sloth (Confident Beginner+), Newfoundland Pine Marten (Confident Beginner+), Large Mouse (Confident), Mr. Fox (Confident)

We design all of our needle felted kits and creations in our shop and teach the workshops ourselves. This gives us flexibility to try to accommodate your group at a time that's good for you. Here's how it works:

- Must be a group of 3-6 people (if there are more special arrangements can be made)

- Contact us directly (info below) to set up a date and time. Each workshop requires approx. 3 hours to complete.

- These are Adult-level classes but crafty pre-teens (age 10+) are welcome.

- Price listed is per-person. (Four people in group = Quantity 4 in checkout). See the Project drop-down menu below for class prices.

- Payments due at time of booking (make class selections below or contact us).

- Full refund if you cancel PRIOR to 48 hours before booked workshop, after 48 hours we will refund less a 20% deposit (for time and material prep).

Needle felting is surprisingly easy to do and can become pleasantly addictive! The more advanced classes involve more specialized techniques and greater levels of detail, but are most often acheivable with previous basic felting experience. Please note that this craft involves repeated stabbing of wool with very sharp felting needles close to your fingers. You will occasionally prick yourself (even the professionals do it) so just consider the patience level of the participants. :) Most people fall in love with it!

Contact us: 
In Shop: 230 Lincoln Street, Old Town Lunenburg
Phone: (902) 640 4100


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