Listen carefully and you can hear the steady hum of a sewing machine stitching away. It’s the sound of the Lunenburg Makery’s new alteration and mending service, simply called Altered. See what we're up to in the studio on Facebook and the Makery blog.

Combining traditional mending and tailoring with a creative twist, Altered gives new life to your favourite item of clothing through simple repairs, styling or adjusting.

Micheline Courtemanche, the Makery's in-house alteration specialist, is especially passionate about giving well-loved clothing a new lease on life — "Sometimes clothing needs to be adapted during the 
lifetime of the wearer, 
the best part of a garment 
rejuvenation project is 
that once all of the work 
is done the piece looks 
new again."

Altered fittings are 
conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 
10am and noon, or by 
appointment. Items needing simple alterations can be dropped off at the Makery any time during open hours. 
Turnaround time is 
one week. 

Receive 15% off alterations to items purchased next door at Luvly in Lunenburg.

Services Available

Shortening and Lengthening

  • Pants double turn hem 8.00
  • Pants with cuff 14.00
  • Pants blind hem 10.00
  • Pants blind hem with lining 16.00
  • Jeans eurohem 14.00
  • Dress or skirt hem 10.00
  • Dress or skirt with lining 14.00
  • Shirt sleeves double turn hem 8.00
  • Shirt sleeves with cuff 12.00
  • Coat bottom hem from 20.00
  • Coat sleeves hem from 20.00

Taking in and Letting Out

  • Darts from 4.00
  • Adjustable pants 8.00
  • Pants or skirt waist 14.00
  • Pants or skirt waist with lining 18.00
  • Hips 10.00
  • Dress or shirt sides 10.00


    • Button attached (each) from 1.00
    • Zipper replacement inc. zipper from 15.00
    • Patch from 8.00
    • Mending from 5.00

  • Hourly rate 20.00